Fergusson Lockwood & Associates Ltd provides independent professional agricultural advice and farm valuations.

Our Farm Valuation Services include market valuations for sale and purchase and finance. We also provide farm, subdivision valuations, asset valuations, lessee and lessor interests, rental assessments for trusts, Maori land valuations, arbitration and all other property valuations that you may require.

Our services include;

  • Farm Budgets/Cashflows
  • Farm advisory including farm walks, soil sampling, fertiliser requirements, feeding/supplement recommendations, animal health requirements, farm management decisions
  • Fulltime supervision of absentee owned farms, including interviewing and appointment of contract milkers (50/50 and lower order), and Farm Managers, monitoring of farm performance
  • Providing our expertise as Expert Witnesses in Court proceedings
  • Negotiate and prepare Sharemilking Agreements
  • Negotiate and prepare Land and/or Cattle Leasing Agreements
  • Administration Accounting Business Services
  • Farm maps, soil testing, nutrient management, pasture cover measurement
  • DDT testing, feed testing, water testing and dairybase inputting
  • Farm Rentals, Farm Valuations, Farm Leases, Soil Fertility