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Below is an outline of the valuation process, quotation and fee breakdown.

Services & Purpose/s, Basis/Scope: 

Once we have received instruction to proceed with the valuation and undertake a market value for the subject property;

The valuation will be provided to you for your use only may not be published, copied or distributed to any third party (including any related entity) without our prior written consent.

The Valuation will be prepared for mortgage security/lending purposes on an ‘as is’ or ‘as if complete’ only and must not be relied upon for any other purpose.

Report Outline:

Once instructed we will need to come and visit the property. The valuation specialist will make a suitable time to do the inspection.

From there we will gather data, look at sales evidence whilst in that area, obtain any further information as required, then come back to the office, complete the analysis and valuation report.

The valuation will be provided in accordance with the standard guidelines for the type of property to be valued compliant with New Zealand and International Valuation Standards.

Fee Structure/Payment Terms and Timeframe:

Our invoice is broken down into 3 sections;

Fee – the is made up of expertise, valuing, analysis and time.

Disbursements – disbursements comprise of – research, any property data, title searches, resource information, photos, sales evidence, Professional Indemnity Insurance and Public Liability Insurance

Travel – is the cost to and from the property.

Our fee is based on the scope above and should it vary, additional fees may be incurred.

As per our company policy we require payment on delivery of the report.

The timeframe; 3 working days from inspection date for this type of property and area.

Please let us know if you would like this valuation urgently.

Property Enquiry Quotation Timeframe:

This quote is valid for 10 working days from this email.

Required Information:

We need the following information if you wish to proceed, please provide where applicable.

Current Postal Address

Full name/s that will be on the valuation

Contact details; mobile number, home phone number

Lender details; name, email

Subject Property Address

Purpose of Valuation

Sale and Purchase Agreement


Scheme Plans

Plans and Specifications

Concept Plans (Design Layout)

Cost of Building Contract

Code of Compliance

Please let us know if you wish to proceed and/or have any further queries.

Many thanks

Fergusson, Lockwood and Associates


Payment of Fees and Disbursements:

The Client shall pay the fees and disbursements as quoted by Fergusson Lockwood & Associates Limited and as specified in this proposal.

In the event that invoices are not settled in full within 28 days of submission, Fergusson Lockwood & Associates Limited reserves the right to withdraw responsibility for work performed and issue a notice to revoke the valuation to all reliant parties.

All legal and debt recovery costs and expenses which we may incur to recover overdue amounts shall be fully recoverable from the Client.


Interim Invoices:

Fergusson Lockwood & Associates Limited, in its sole discretion, reserves the right to submit interim invoices for valuation services and disbursements incurred to date, where it is considered reasonable and necessary.

Unless and until any such agreement is reached and recorded in writing, Fergusson Lockwood & Associates Limited will accept no responsibility or owe no duties to the Client which relate to matters beyond the scope of the Services.